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Created in 1999, the RGCQ is a non-profit organization that supports co-owners and syndicate administrators in their efforts to ensure good co-ownership governance.

Everything for your co-ownership


The Regroupement des gestionnaires et copropriétaires du Québec (RGCQ) helps improve condominium governance by informing and training condominium owners and syndicate administrators.

Thanks to its notoriety, the RGCQ puts forward the interests of its members and the public to promote best practices and advance the rules in the field of co-ownership.

It brings together all individuals and organizations with expertise in condominiums, in order to acquire cutting-edge knowledge in the field and pass it on to as many people as possible.

The RGCQ aims to be THE reference for condominiums in Quebec, to ensure the longevity and quality of this way of life.

Our values

  • Leadership

  • Integrity

  • Cooperation

  • Listening and respect

Our priorities


In 2023, the RGCQ embarked on a major governance reform to modernize its structure, supported by the adoption of a three-year strategic plan that enabled the RGCQ to clarify its objectives.

This modernization testifies to our commitment to our members and our desire to respond to the emerging needs of the community.

We will therefore continue to work towards the supervision of managers, the ongoing improvement of the legislative framework, support for small co-ownerships and better access to justice in condominium matters, while pursuing our efforts to advance knowledge and reflection on this lifestyle.

With this in mind, the RGCQ is committed to maintaining its role as a key player in the evolution of co-ownership in Quebec, adapting to the challenges ahead in order to shape a sustainable future for co-ownership in the Quebec province.

Learn more about our priorities

  • Member services


    Maintain, develop and increase the services and proactive support that the RGCQ offers to current members, administrators and co-owners in order to meet evolving needs.


    • More efficient services
    • New tools to meet our members' needs
    • Offer new activities and diversify formats
  • Public commitments


    To be an reliable partner in improving the condominium industry, in line with evolving needs, by promoting the role of managers, administrators and co-owners.


    • Promote the development of alternative dispute resolution methods and improved access to justice in condominium matters.
    • Contribute to improving construction quality
    • Promote and support best practices in co-ownership management
  • Internal management


    To be an ethical and socially responsible partner through strategic governance that creates value.


    • Maintain our position as an employer of choice
    • Develop committed and responsible partnerships