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Webinar : The coronavirus and your co-ownership (in English)

Webinar : The coronavirus and your co-ownership (in English)

Date : Jeudi 16 Avril 2020 @ 6:30-7:30 PM

Membre : Free

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Lieu : Online

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The current situation in relation to COVID-19 raises several questions in co-ownerships. In addition to our newsletters, we will answer questions from our members during one 1 hour webinar. During this webinar, we will deal with four specific subjects relating to the coronavirus and your co-ownership. These webinars are free and open to everyone.

*You do not have to pre-register to these webinars. Just click on the link a few minutes before the start of the webinar.

Theme 1 : Daily distancing measures in co-ownerships

What are the measures to put in place in condominiums to combat the spread of the virus? Distancing, closing non-essential common areas, delivery managements, housekeeping, elevator management, what to do with co-owners who are in isolation or are infected? Take interest in the different realities of co-ownerships both small and large.

Theme 2: Finances of the co-ownership and the coronavirus 

What are the rules for collecting common charges if the general meeting had to be postponed? What are the best practices for perceiving them in the current context (pre-authorized payments for example)? How to deal with payment defaults? What to do in case of special assessments?

Theme 3: The technical requirements of co-ownership and the coronavirus

In the particular context that we live in, what are the obligations of directors with regards to the building? Which works are still permitted? What are “emergency” or “security” works? Are inspections (facades, fire safety, etc.) maintained? What must you do in case of emergency work required in the unit of a co-owner that is infected with Covid-19?

Theme 4: The Coronavirus and the decisions of the co-ownership (meetings, work, resolutions) 

What can be done to fulfill the syndicate’s obligations in the particular context of social distancing? Deadlines are coming to an end (description of the private portions), how can you finalize these procedures? What are the good practices and options available to the syndicate? How does a written resolution work? How to make decisions without a having a meeting? Is it possible to postpone certain decisions?

Speakers: Me Pierre G. Champagne and Me Raymond Hébert, lawyers, De Grandpré Jolicoeur 

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